Press Release

Introducing Karen Johnson onthe cover of this month’s real-estate —TOP AGENT magazine for Michigan November 2025. Karen got her start in Real-estate really late then most. At 48 she began working for an agent before she branched out on her own.  She started her real-estate career with REMax of Northville, Mi.  She built experience as a Buyer’s agent on a team and was a key play.  Karen has beat so many odd’s.. She has worked at ATT over 26 years and saw that it was time to make some serious changes in her career as working for a company there is no promise for future. She went back to school at 48 yrs. old to earn her Bachelor’s in Business Administration.   

 Karen has made so many changes in her life she is ready to Open a Bed Breakfast for traveling Union workers in Detroit.  The breakfast served at Karen’s place breakfast is fresh and delicious. She has workers all across the country interested in her hospitality and cuisine.  Karen’s place is located on Lake Michigan with beautiful views overlooking the lake.  The rooms are booked 6 months in advance. Everyone wants to stay there.

She has proven her commitment to her community thru volunteerism. She severs on the board for Gleaners, YWCA of Livonia, MI and also does volunteer work for Women  Build thru Habitat for humanity.  Woman Build has been very happy to have her on the board, she has dedicated over 100 hours a year to organizing every year for the last 5 years. She learned how to refurbish homes and has given 2 homes away for the last 6 years.   Karen also sponsor area events and local organizations she is well known and respected for the love she has for the less fortunate.  

Karen also Host a giveaway for the under privilege children every Christmas. 50 lucky kids get a Bike and also 5–$500.00 scholarships to High school senior’s to further their education or take up a trade in Construction.  He grandson accompanies her to assist with giving at all the giveaways.  He has learned the power of giving. She is leaving her family a legacy as she gives to the less fortunate thru so many ways.  He philanthropy is priceless and her family is there to support in any of her projects.

Karen most enjoys time with her family and loved ones, as well as escaping on a new travel adventure to relax and reset. Recently she has taken her whole family on a trip to the Punta Cana, Dominic Republic.

As far as her future career, Her plan is to grow and take advantage of the new opportunities that are coming her way. She said the most rewarding part of what she does is helping someone become a homeowner for the very first time. It’s a dream that everyone should experience and loves helping people thru the transition.

Karen is open an willing to help others its her call and her passion.

Week 3- Wow!

I must say week 3 has been super challenging. I was trying to work my calendar and input all the data about my schedule , it was so much. I did get over whelmed but I’m not giving up. My family is very supportive so I have to learn to speak up when’s want tv 1 hour before bed. I’m in this program for the long haul and I want to get the best experience from this program.

This experience has already altered my life in 3 weeks. I don’t watch tv much at all. I used to watch tv every night and that’s has ceased. I would watch the News which is a horror story, full of death and craziness . I’m working on the positive it does not include those images before I lay my head down for the night. I got to much work to do on myself to waste anytime. I’m still fired up and ready for week 4. Bring it on! I keep my promises Karen J❤️

Week 2-MKE

My 2nd week webinar was simply amazing for me. I have watched it 3 times and learned something new every time. Mike was really helping me zone in on my true Dharma. Learning the PPN’s was an eye opener for me because I never really thought about all of the categories like Autonomy– Come as you go. Good one although I didn’t choose that as my PPN. Legacy and Helping others my desire and passion in life. I love to create memories and care for less fortunate. I’m working to be the best person I can be #mke


The first webinar starting the MasterKey experience was great. Mark and the rest of the alliance made it clear they have our support. There is a lot of work but I’m up for the task. Finding my purpose or my Dharma is more exciting than I ever thought.

During the webinar what I totally get is…This program is challenging me to be better person. Also to look at what I want. Not the family, job or kids. I matter. What I want matters.

I’m excited for the weeks to come. Stay tuned : ) a change is coming.