Week 3- Wow!

I must say week 3 has been super challenging. I was trying to work my calendar and input all the data about my schedule , it was so much. I did get over whelmed but I’m not giving up. My family is very supportive so I have to learn to speak up when’s want tv 1 hour before bed. I’m in this program for the long haul and I want to get the best experience from this program.

This experience has already altered my life in 3 weeks. I don’t watch tv much at all. I used to watch tv every night and that’s has ceased. I would watch the News which is a horror story, full of death and craziness . I’m working on the positive it does not include those images before I lay my head down for the night. I got to much work to do on myself to waste anytime. I’m still fired up and ready for week 4. Bring it on! I keep my promises Karen J❤️


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